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This bag zips the opposite way to standard so the zip is closed when the pull is to the right & is open when the pull is to the left. This does not mean the bag cannot be used by right handed people if you love the design! (Just that the zip will open differently to what you may be used to 😊) Outer


Design: Christmas Gonk

Lining Design: Christmas Trees

Zipper: Rose Gold with Charm

Vinyl Type: Glitter Sparkle


Bag Information

All projects bags are made of an outer fabric with a contrasting lining fabric, in-between which there is soft padding. Fabrics used are either 100% cotton or high quality poly cotton blends for some others as some of the selected fabric prints we select are simply unavailable in pure cotton. Every bag has a vinyl front window allowing you to see contents easily at a glance. All zips used are high quality full metal zippers either in rose gold with a matching rose gold charm, or rainbow / colourful zippers to complement some fabrics in which case the zip pull itself will be a colourful standard shaped pull. Bags are all individually hand cut & then constructed via machine sewing by a local seamstress in support of another small UK business :-) For this reason, although every care is taken to make things as perfect as possible, there can always be slightly variance in hand made items & any slight imperfections in straight lines or small discrepenicies in size should not be considered as defects but as part of their handmade charm. Bag Sizes Bags are available in 3 sizes: Small 12x12inch (30x30cm), Medium 14.5x14.5inch (36.25x36.25cm) & Large 17x17inches (42.5x42.5cm). The small bags are highly suitable for many typical projects & comfortably able to hold hoops & frames up to 9 inches with plenty of wiggle room. Medium or Large bags are perfect for storing your significantly sized larger projects or even several smaller projects together. Bag Care Due to the vinyl fronts, care must be taken with applying any heat & for this reason we recommend not ironing your bag but if you should need to, please iron the back panel only by carefully opening the bag up & ironing it from the inside only with the vinyl front carefully held open & never coming into contact with the hot part of the iron. We assume that your beautiful project bags will be kept safely stored & therefore clean but should they need washing we recommended spot cleaning only. Machine washing or soaking the entire bag at high temperatures is not advised as may warp or damage the vinyl front.

WIP Project Bag - Christmas Gonk GLITTER front. LEFT HANDED

PriceFrom £23.00

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