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  • How do I download a PDF pattern I have purchased?
    When you purchase any of our PDF cross stitch patterns, you will receive an instant download link by email containing your pattern. If you have any issues with instant downlaod please contact us so we can help.
  • What is included in my PDF Pattern purchase?
    Your PDF will include the following. 1. a full colour imagery of the finished design artwork. 2. a full colour chart with up to a maximum of 90 rows per A4 page, usually less. Most of our patterns have between 60-80 rows per A4 page for ease of use. 3. A black and white symbol chart to the same size specifications as the colour chart. 4. A thread key list of all threads needed in DMC brand colours, clearly listed instructions for how many threads to use for each type of stitch & a thread estimate for how many skeins of each colour are needed to complete the design. (Please note that estimates are based on typical thread useage & yours may vary subject to your stitching style). 5. Detailed design information including the recommended fabric count & colour along with the size details for the finished design for several different fabric counts so that you know how big the finished piece will be if you choose to stitch on a smaller or larger fabric count.
  • Are PDF patterns refundable?
    PDF patterns are non refundable & non returnable under any circumstance once purchased. As a digital product distance selling regulations & the right to return within 14 days of purchase is non applicable & you agree to this by making a PDF pattern purchase.
  • Can I buy a printed pattern?
    We stock a range of patterns that are physically printed charts however some of our charts are offered as PDF only. If you would like one of our PDF charts as a physical print, we can print & post any of our patterns to you as a physical copy but you will need to get in touch via the contact us page for us to arrange this for you.
  • How do you use a Needle Minder & are they safe?
    The magnets used on our needle minders are small but powerful & pose a hazard if swallowed. Keep your minder away from pets & children. NEVER allow the magnets on your minder to snap together, this can damage them or cause them to shatter or snap off the minder. Always store with card or fabric between the front & back, do not allow the 2 magnets to make direct contact. Needle minders should not be used by people fitted with a pacemaker or similar device. ​ Other Information. Our minders are created from a wide variety of materials in all shapes & sizes. Some will allow you to pop your needle anywhere, with others, your needle may naturally gravitate towards a certain part of the minder. You may also find that the magnet on the reverse may not always be fixed centrally as some styles work best with the magnet placed somwhere other than directly centred. Lastly, depending on what your minder has been created from, the underside of some may not always be quite as pretty as the front, but this will never impede the use or front visuals :-)
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