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These gorgeous bee minders are beautifully crafted from metal, with small black crystal eyes. The wings are inset with real natural abalone shell, highly polished for a fabulous naturally colour changing effect depending on the angle you look at them. The body of each bee is an imitation semi precious stone.  These bees have THREE magnets, one attached under each wing to ensure both wings are magnetised, as well as one magnet set under the stone body which is the one used to actually attach it to your fabric.  So there is still only one convenient single magnet that you need to use on the reverse to secure it.


Please note that on lighter coloured stones, you can slightly see the shadow of the magnet underneath due to the semi transparent nature of the stones.  This is only apparent in certain lighting & does not detract from their stunning looks.


These are a truly beautiful minder that is that little bit special.


One bee per purchase.


Size Details: Please refer to photos on measuring mat for size context. (mat shows measurements in inches)


This minder is made from: Metal with natural abalone shell, imitation semi precious stone & crystal details.


Reverse magnet: All our non-wooden minders come with a cute resin finished back magnet too, making the reverse magnet easier to locate and grasp to move.

Needle Minder - Abalone Winged Bees


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