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Description : These "frame prints" are manufactured differently to the rest of our printed fabrics. They were an experiment & as lovely as they are with the beautiuflly detailed prints, they are only able to be produced on 14ct & only in one size.


The aida on these is slightly stiffer than our main range (I am currently stitching on design #8 myself & it's perfectly fine to work with but the difference is noticeable in that it's not as soft as our usual 14ct.


It is likely that I will not restock these so quantities of each design are very limited.


The printed area of each piece measures 21cm x 29.5cm (give or take a few mm). This gives an approximate stitchable area of 117 stitches wide x 165 stitches lengthways.  The total fabric size is 29cm x 39cm giving a white plain, non printed border around all 4 sides for your finishing & framing allowance.  The fabric comes machine overlocked around all 4 edges to prevent any fraying.


Choose from 8 designs. Please make your selection carefully using the numbered photographs for reference.


Please note that design #5 in particular was hard to colour capture correctly on camera & to the eye is more green then greeny-yellow as it appears on screen.


Fabric Sizing : Measurements in the drop down are given as width x height. Remember, we simply can't stock every size option in every count all the time & we typically hold more stock of aida than evenweave. If what you need is out of stock, just contact us for a custom order. We can also do larger pieces for your special big projects, just ask :-) 


Fabric Cutting : Your fabric is cut from a large piece. This is irrelevant for small patterns that repeat many times but can affect pieces from designs with large sections of colour. Pieces in size L or larger will be very similar to pieces represented in the photos shown. Pieces in size S/M may have less colour variation on the individual piece your receive, by nature of it being a smaller part cut from the overall print.



Further Information 

Photos / videos of aida & evenweave on the shop listings are unfiltered & taken in natural light but some colours are still difficult to capture with complete accuracy. Teamed with variances between device displays, this can mean they look slightly different to the eye than on screen. 


For fabrics with sparkles, rest assured they are wonderfully twinkly in person but this does not always translate to camera despite best efforts, especially on paler colours! (remember we can add sparkles to ANY of our designs, so if you can't find a sparkle listing & you simply must have them, drop us a message!)


Printed fabrics are printed on one side only with a plain reverse.


Your fabric may contain a selvedge edge or an edge with manufacturer text.  If so, the selvedge or any other un-useable edge with manufacturer marks is in addition to the stated size, we don't cut off these parts as it gives you a slightly larger overall piece with a bit of extra fabric to work with for finishing & framing. Your use-able area will be the dimensions stated for the size you choose. *Please allow 0.5cm tolerance on measurements, we endeavour to cut to the exact specification but all pieces are hand cut.


Fabrics are sent to you folded & creases can be easily ironed out before use (always iron on the reverse with a clean cloth inbetween the iron & the printed fabric. Washing is not advised at all for printed fabrics. 





Aida / Evenweave - "FRAME" prints - Various Designs (printed)


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