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What you see in the photo is what you get.

If multiple pieces are available, select your piece carefully from the WYSIWYG drop down menu. Click on photos to zoom in.

*If any pieces are marked with (SS) in the drop down description they are slight seconds & will be price reduced, more info below.


Hand Dyed Fabric Info:

Sizes & counts are stated BEFORE dyeing, washing & overlocking. Some shrinkage may occur therefore 14ct may become 15/16 etc & the piece you receive may be slightly smaller than the stated measurements. The working area is not affected

so please calculate the fabric size to buy for your project based on the stated size of the cut before it was processed. A few mm each side is lost to the ovelocking process, this is negligible. Cuts are made by hand & if not perfectly straight, given measurements are taken from the narrowest point.


Every piece is unique & there will be variations between individual cuts from the same batch & between different batches. Photos are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) unless stated otherwise. If a piece is marked as SS (slight seconds


there will be imperfections (dye spots, unusual marks etc). These will either be visible in photos & a brief description given.


Fabrics are shown as accurately as possible. Photos are taken indoors with "daylight" lighting with som additional diffused light to avoid shadows and no filters are used. This aims to keep consistency in lghting conditons regardless of season changes in natural light. Despite this, it can be difficult to capture colours 100% truly & when factoring in variances between device screen settings.


We advise against washing hand dyed fabrics at all in any way, see the fabric care page for full info.


We recommend storing flat after arrival or if storing folded, keep the acid free tissue paper (provided) in place to ensure the fabric is not touching itself on any fold lines.

A05 Hand Dyed. 32ct Evenweave (13x18")


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